Handry Massyn Theron’s Biography

Early Years

I was born in December 1983 in the heart of the Great Karoo. I had the privilege of growing up on a farm with wide open spaces just a few kilometers from a small town called Rietbron. My parents have always tried to provide us as kids with only the best, even though it wasn’t always possible in years of drought. Ever since I got my mind, I always wanted to fix things. I could never just accept an answer as correct and always questioned it. Even if things were not broken, I preferred to take them apart and fix it again. Just to prove to myself that I can do better than the original guy did. I wanted to do better every time I take on something, knowing that one day I might just be one of the best in my business.

Young Professional

I still remember how I, as a 14 year old highschool boy, always dreamed about bigger things. Things that can make more money than just the pocket money I earned through vacation work on the farm. During the holidays I made various products which I sold from door to door to all holidaymakers in Hartenbos. With the help of both my parents, I created an opportunity to earn a lot more money for myself in a short period of time. My parents have always taught me that playing sports, not just maintain a healthy body, but also a healthy mind. As a teenager I was quite good at tennis. Here I learned valuable lessons, such as perseverance and selfdissipline. After I completed my studies in Electronic Engineering at the end of 2007, I realised I lack industry specific experience. Before I could continue a career as an entrepreneur, I needed to gain much needed experience. With a special mentor and four years of industry knowledge, my journey started in May 2011…

The Entrepreneur

Although it was an easy call to continue my life as an entrepreneur at age 27, the physical decisions were not always that easy. With the immediate loss of good income, the challenges at that time were great. In May 2011, I started HmT Mechatronics as an engineering company that offers solutions in the automation and process control industry. With continued client growth, we succeed in expanding the company to other parts of South Africa. Two years later in 2013, I set up the HmT Trust to manage any property within the group. After more sustainable growth, I started HmT Investments in 2015 as administrative and financial leg of our operations. With more opportunities emerging in the renewable energy sector, I decided to expand our services further and establish HmT Electrical in 2019. Today, the HmT Group consists of three operational Pty.Ltd and one Trust.

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